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Wed Jul 31 23:55:44 EDT 2002

Well, earlier I posted a bit with some icky ASCII art to show how I plant
the squash, beans and corn together.  Heck if I know what varieties they
are.  I generally go with heirloom or open-pollinated seed anyhow (no
hybrids here, thank you!), so let me check my notes.  Okay - squashes are
aucchini black, table ace acorn (okay, ONE hybrid, lol), burpee
butterbush, and blue hubbard.  Corns are golden bantam, bloody butcher,
hopi blue dent, and early pink popcorn.  Because the corn types all come
in at about the same time, barring the popcorn (110 days compared to abt
80 days for the bantam and dent corns), I plant the popcorn and bantam
about the same time, then wait about 2 to 3 wks before planting the dent
corns, which go on opposite ends of the S/C/B section of the garden to
avoid cross-pollination.  Abt. 10 to 15 days after the dent corns
pollinate, the popcorn does it also.  Beans - just about anything - I
have close to 30 varieties of beans I grown, from plain ole blue lake
green snap, through great northern, kidney, blackeye pea, lentil, lima
and more - I grow green, yellow and purple beans, both pole and bush
types, and include some specialty stuf every year just for fun - this
year that was rattlesnake, purple trionfo violetto, jacob's cattle and
vermont cranberry.

Heather R
cross-r-ranch at juno.com
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