Squash bugs!

Lucy Goodman goodows at infinet.com
Wed Jul 31 16:03:47 EDT 2002

I have had pretty good success with both cuke beetles and squash bug
control using both our big noisy chipper shredder lawn vac-it is gas
powered so we can take it anywhere. We follow that up with a garlic and
bronners peppermint soap spray (4 TBL garlic tea, 2 TBL soap to 1 gallon
of Soften water) and than put heavy row covers over the crop (agripro 35
wgt We have not had any heat stress with these covers even in 95°F heat,
they seem to be shading the plants and conserving water).

A hand vac works well too.

One thing to note. When you remove squash bug eggs you have to either
drop them in soapy water or pop them, otherwise they will hatch and find
your squash plants. The eggs and nymphs are hardy things

Lucy Goodman-Owsley
Boulder Belt Organics
New Paris, OH

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