Squash bugs!

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Do you know if surround works on grasshoppers?  For the last 3 years we have
had huge numbers of grasshoppers, and nothing seems to even make a tiny dent
in the population.
This year we didn't even attempt to put in a garden.  We got tired of
feeding the hoppers!
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Surround is a specially formulated kaolin clay product originally used for
protecting apple trees, then other fruit crops.  Basically, you are
whitewashing the plant.  The clay inhibits the bugs because it causes
excessive grooming to get the clay particles off, and they look for easier
places to live  It also inhibits cucumber beetles.  We only sprayed it once,
and saw a significant enhancement of the length of production.  Fewer eggs,
fewer nymphs, fewer adults.  Still, since squash only produces well about
3-4 weeks here, succession planting remains important.

Oh, and yes, it is OMRI approved.

Paul and Alison Wiediger
Au Naturel Farm

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> Can you please elaborate on "Surround"?  What is it, how does it work,
> is it organic (I'm assuming so), etc.?
> TIA,

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