squash bugs

wiediger wiediger at msn.com
Wed Jul 31 08:32:28 EDT 2002

Yeah, it does kind of depend upon where you are!  We have some cucumber
beetles, but never enough to cause crop damage.  The "books" also say one
generation of squash bugs, but here, we have at least two.  This is a LARGE
country, and we have a lot of differing growing conditions.  We have
considered just not growing any type of squash for a year, and seeing
whether we can break the life cycle, but since they fly long distances, it's
probably not practical.

Paul and Alison Wiediger
Au Naturel Farm

> I don't mean to rub it in but around here we never have problems with
squash bugs, at least not for the last 15 seasons. Even my next door
neighbor who before he retired planted 1000 acres of zuchini every year
without spraying for squash bugs. Thats not to say we dont have them in the
county but the only conclusion I could come up with is that the plants must
be getting exactly what they need from the soil environment to prevent bugs.
good nutrition must be the key...Although I can't say the same for cucumber
> Sunny Meadow Farm
> Bridgeton, NJ

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