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 Last year, and this all depends if you've got electricity close or a very long extension cord, we strung an extention cord to the gardin and using a hand held like tube vaccum we sucked those bugs right up. One person held the cord and vaccum and the other vaccumed and lifted the plants. We were so infested and nothing touched this wave of bugs but after that we did not have any more problem. 
Kim in Ky
  wiediger <wiediger at msn.com> wrote: My sentiment exactly!!!

> Since we're all freaking out about bugs right now, how to you handle
> bugs. I *cannot* get rid of them -- the community garden is infested with
> them and no matter what I do, they come right back! :-(
> DIE, SQUASH BUGS, DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Dorene Pasekoff, Coordinator

I was reading about squash bugs (Anasa tristis) earlier this evening from
some literature kindly sent from Rincon-Vitova. What really hit me was that
a female can deposit 10-20 eggs per day for 45 days. So if they aren't
destroyed, that could mean 900 of them little boogers running around where
there had been only 2. Next season, there will be 645,397,416,321! (which
is very close to the number of raindrops that it takes to accumulate .78
inches of rain on a 1/15th of an acre according to what Elvis told me when I
met him at the corner store back a couple of years ago) Basically,
everything I read says that they are impossible to control, and if you don't
control them they get completely out of hand! We have had some luck this
year spraying Surround and of course, succession planting as usual. Also
read that when you crush one, the odor attracts more squash bugs! OH

Paul and Alison Wiediger
Au Naturel Farm

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