Mold on My Cucurbits!

Bill Shoemaker wshoemak at
Mon Jul 29 14:56:54 EDT 2002

What you're experiencing is common on summer squash, less common on other
cucurbits (cucumbers, pumpkins, w. squash, melons, etc.). It's called
Choanephora Wet Rot. It likes soft fruit, just developing, especially if
it's touching soil and conditions are wet. If pollination is poor it can be
bad too. Using a fluffy mulch like straw, that provides good drainage helps
because it keeps the fruit elevated from the soil and dry. Clipping them off
and removing them will probably help later fruit avoid infection. Squash
produce so many fruit normally that losses from this disease are not usually
bad unless conditions remain good for the organism for a while.

>I have also just found this problem on a significant percentage of my
>squash. I haven't gotten to check the winter and am crossing my fingers
>i'm not going to lose them. What can i do? No one has responded to the
>previous inquiry and i'm rather worried.
>Up-Upstate NY,
>adam hainer
>our zucchini and winter squash. The plants seem to be infected with a mold
>that looks like gray down, which starts at the blossom and proceeds to grow
>down the entire fruit, eventually engulfing the entire fruit in grayish
hairy mold

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