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Fri Jul 26 03:23:57 EDT 2002

Can't speak for alalfa as I live in sandy acid area, pH too low for A; but 
why use bought in fertilizers if farming Organically.

Allowable organic ferts have a use in start up perhaps if the soil is 
depleted but you really need lots of Organic material to work into the soil.

I use red clover, white clover, and alsike with grasses. I also use chicory 
as this is deep rooting and builds soil condition.

As I broadcast seed, I use a higher seed rate which gives thick crop more 
quickly which chokes out many weeds and retains surface moisture on sandy 
soils. This year I sowed at 18 kgs (40 lbs) per acre on April 8 2002 and am 
ready now to mow a good cut of silage. This is farmed under Soil Association 
Organic rules here in the UK. 

Hope this relevant to you

Best wishes

Richard Mortimore
Sussex England
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