Mold on My Cucurbits!

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Thu Jul 25 18:04:56 EDT 2002

 Can anyone give us some info on a problem we just noticed today on some of 
our zucchini and winter squash. The plants seem to be infected with a mold 
that looks like gray down, which starts at the blossom and proceeds to grow 
down the entire fruit, eventually engulfing the entire fruit in grayish hairy 
mold. We are new to growing in this area of southeastern pennsylvania and 
have never seen anything like this before. Could anyway tell us what is 
causing this and if there is anything we can do to stop it?
One more cucurbit question - I have noticed this in watermelons. In a 
concentrated area, the leaves are shriveling & curling up, and on the 
undersides are numerous brown dry eggs, with very tiny lime green bugs around 
the eggs. I have removed the leaves with these problems. Does anyone know 
what it is that is causing this and any reccommended actions?
Thank you.

John Good and Aimee Kocis
Charlestown Cooperative Farm
goodaim at

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