toxic soil residues

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Thu Jul 25 17:42:58 EDT 2002

Nan Johnson wrote:
> dear friends....can't seem to locate an answer to this question in the 
> national standards -
> what currrent levels IN THE SOIL  (ppm, etc.) of heavy metals (those 
> associated with past and current use of agricultural 
> pesticides/herbicides), organochlorides, PCB's and organophosphates, 
> plus mercury, DDT...among others..........are allowed under organic 
> certification.
> NOTE:  this is on behalf of Delta, MS farmers who hope to be certified 
> but whose land, even when not conventionally farmed, has been sprayed 
> and flooded for decades with ag cotton chemicals, or has been 
> conventionally farmed in recent and/or distant past.....

I would suggest also asking in the SANET-MG forum where there are lots 
of professionals who are quite knowledgable in this area, some of whom 
may have had experience with analysis of soils for toxics and soil 
bioremediation as related to organic certification.

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