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Mary wrote:

>Okay, how do you make garlic powder?  This might be a value added for the

Here's my instructions from last year.  I have an Excalibur dehydrator with 
9 trays.  If you get on Excalibur's mailing list, you can usually get one 
for 1/2 price in the fall or winter.  It's worth having!

I make a lot of garlic powder as follows:

I peeled the cloves, washed them, then tossed them in the food processor 
fitted with the steel blade.  I used the Pulse setting until the cloves 
were chopped, but not pureed.  Next, I lined  a tray of my dehydrator with 
parchment cooking paper (I don't trust plastic wrap) and spread the chopped 
garlic thinly over the paper.  The garlic dried overnight at 125 degrees 
F.  (The house smelled wonderful!) The next morning, I peeled the dried 
garlic off the cooking paper, tossed it into the blender and let it rip 
until there was nothing but dust!  Once I'd turned off the blender and let 
the powder settle, I poured it into an airtight spice jar.  It looks great 
and tastes even better!  You can even save the parchment paper for the next 
time you want to make garlic powder-just fold it up and place it in a 
ziploc bag. You'll never forget what you used the cooking paper for - the 
smell alone will remind you!


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