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Wed Jul 24 12:13:04 EDT 2002

Allan wrote:

>Are the tops a function in the drying process or is it ok to cut the bulbs 
>and put them on bread trays for drying?


>I'm doing this with some of my garlic (you can get more garlic on a tray 
>if you cut the tops),

Oops, you already did.  *Yes* the tops are a function in the drying process 
-- where do you think the water and the nutrients from the tops go when 
everything dries down?   Yes, you get more garlic on a tray without the 
tops and it is a serious pain in the butt to have to deal with the whole 
plants, but it does dry a whole lot better that way (plus you get slightly 
larger bulbs)

I hope you didn't cut off the roots, too -- you need to have the roots on 
the garlic as it dries down because the roots are where most of the water 
exits the plant.

>setting the trays in the sun during the day and under awning cover from 
>dew at night.

DON'T LET GARLIC DRY IN THE SUN -- it will get sunburn and won't keep at 
all.  Garlic may be an alliums, but it's not onions -- keep it out of the 
sun while it cures -- you want good air circulation and *no* direct sunlight.

>I have to wonder, however, if the stock acts as a 'wick' and promotes 
>better drying.

Yes, it does.

>Anyone with experience in this?

Ten years growing garlic in Southeastern PA and a trial site for 
USDA.  Gosh, your life might be different, but I'm not so sure it's *that* 
different.  Good luck and hopefully, next year you'll have a better crop. . 
.  It's not that hard to make garlic powder and it does sell well in the 
market -- just let folks get a whiff so they can tell it's better than the 
store-bought stuff.

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