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I agree with Bob on this.  I wrinkled my nose when I read the post.  Corn
must be picked fresh as Bob says less than 12 hours we pick ours less than 2
(our CSA members pickup at farm).  Last year our corn was beautiful hardly
any bug damage.  But in previous years I instructed the folks to choose
their ears and cut the tips off (if it contains a bug) the tips go to the
chickens :).  I also write on my instructions if it grosses anyone out I'll
cut it.  They've been brave :).  Corn distributed in this manner has
resulted in members coming back the next pickup day saying "That was the
best corn I've ever had" And of course its because it was fresh.  If you
don't have on farm pickup its not that big a deal to cut the tips off the
buggy corn.  In fact I am seeing corn in grocery stores with the tip cut and
one strip of husk removed so you can see the corn.  Previously I saw corn
tagged organic that looked like this, but just Mon I stopped at this same
store (upscale) they had loose ears prepare this way and tagged conventional
and they were 40 cents a piece.
We don't spray our corn much sometimes a bit of BT but usually nothing (time
mostly).  I have decided not to apologize.  I inform members the bugs are
not poisonous most likely edible :), cut them off and no "oh and icky"
noises :).  Once they taste they get over the bug :).  Good luck  Beth 5th
year CSA central Massachusetts

 Don't even think about storing corn unless you want to ruin your business.
People who support a csa expect farm fresh picked produce, if they want day
old corn they can go to the supermarket. I pick corn daily and donot sell
corn more than 12 hours old, I try to pick every 6 hours. Sorry about your
insect problems its very hard to grow corn without spraying, I have been
using least toxic sprays for years and they work well.
> If you must store corn, it will keep for two weeks in cold storage if you
keep it soaked with water twice a day, but only cows will eat it...Bob.
> Sunny Meadow Farm
> Bridgeton, NJ.
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