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Hook Family guldann at
Mon Jul 22 08:17:23 EDT 2002

Hi list, Having been enjoying the topics although been too busy to post.
Enjoyed the what are you planting.  We are planting similar things as those
listed.  I'd especially recommend getting in a late broccoli crop.  I
planted some for harvest this past week/two weeks but they are only ok
looking.  Last year sort of by accident (I just had some seeds) I started
some in a nursery bed.  Then moved them when big enough.  It could have been
as late as early Sept when moved.  They just florished.  Beautiful heads.  I
even had a few purple cal/broc. that was nice.  So this year started again,
put seeds in two ish weeks ago they are up.  They are under row cover due to
flea beetles, don't remember when flea beetle pressure ends but I'll keep em
covered a bit longer.  I also have a bit of cauliflower which I did not grow
last year.  And two kinds of purple things one a broccoli, and one
cauliflower graffiti, I also had some seeds for green cauliflower I forgot
to put out so have started in containers.  Fingers crossed.

Hoophouses I have never tried this and I think it sounds great.  Our
hoophouse/unheated greenhouse is on a tar pad, seemed like a good location
at the time and it is really level protected from wind.  But I can not plant
into the ground.  So I am thinking raised beds for some experimenting.  I
think I'll use boards.  Any suggestions?  How tall or deep should the bed
be?  Mostly likely plant cold tol. things lettuce, scallions, etc.

Fedco I believe they have a bare bones web page.  They do not sell seeds
past about March, they close after that.  I get the understanding from cat.
everyone who works there have other jobs especially farms.

Well I hope everyone harvest is good ours is ok, could use a bit of rain.
Beth central Massachusetts

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