Oriental eggplant

pam at twinoaks.org pam at twinoaks.org
Sun Jul 21 22:40:33 EDT 2002

> Pam Dawling,  thanks for the eggplant suggestions.  We have been
> canning ratatouille but would like something that better preserves the
> integrity of the eggplant.  Is the eggplant parmesan cooked or
> uncooked when frozen? 
I'm told that eggplant parmesan is best when the eggplant is fried in 
batter before freezing. This does keep the shape and substance of 
the eggplant. (I've never actually made it myself, only eaten it!)
and, excuse my ignorance, what is Baba Ganouj?
Baba Ganouj or Ganoush is a spread or dip. I haven't got an exact 
recipe to hand. Basically you roast the eggplant in their skins, 
scoop out the insides, mash or blend them and mix with tahini, salt 
and roasted or sauteed garlic. It's a middle eastern dish. 
Pam Dawling, Twin Oaks, Virginia

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