curing time for garlic

Kris Chand kchand at
Sun Jul 21 17:58:44 EDT 2002

We have been growing garlic for six years. In the past two years we have
drying garlic "in the woods". We have strung planks between trees about
6 feet
high. We tie ten garlic plants on each side of baler string and let it
hang for
two to four weeks. It dries very fast and it is the most welcome spot in
summer heat. we set up a table in the woods to clean the garlic in the
of the day when you cannot go out in the open - it is too hot. It is
great. For
protection from an occasional shower we have 8 foot wide plastic sheets
cut to
length for each "run" between the trees. we drape these over the beams.
Getting  up in the middle of the night once in a while is the only draw
but still it is worth it !!
Blue Heron Farm

MeLani M wrote:

> My first year with garlic. I dug it up and hung to cure
> about 2 1/2 weeks ago. How can I tell if it is ready?  I am
> located in Southern Missouri.
> Thanks,
> MeLani

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