Fall scallions

Ken Bezilla kenbez at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 21 10:34:52 EDT 2002

yep, Fedco variety  = "Evergreen Hardy White"

I haven't totally figured out winter scallions yet.  The greens seem to get 
bruised somewhere below 25 degrees, but the white part seems OK for colder 
than that... I'm thinking the best thing is to either overwinter the 
scallions and let them perk up and put out new greens when it warms up in 
the spring before harvesting them; or, better, grow them in our hoophouse 
(i.e., greenhouse with the heat turned off) so that the greens will be in 
better shape.

For planting time... here (zone 6b, ~10/15 for first fall frost) I'm 
guessing ~9/1 for outside, ~9/15-10/1 for in hoophouse.

Ken Bezilla
East Wind Community
southern Missouri

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