John Buckley thebluesky at bellsouth.net
Sat Jul 20 00:26:52 EDT 2002

It is not important that the federal government, i.e. agribusiness,
coopted the term "organic". Because seeking compliance allows other
interests to set our agenda, it is now time to simply, politely, ignore
the government. The idea that a faceless bureaucrat sitting behind a
government desk knows anything about what goes on in the fields and the
markets is ludicrous. Only a fool would pay attention. As a consumer of
organic food, I seek good people who produce good food. Previously I could
depend upon the "organic" label, but the government has now insured that
this label is no longer good enough. I know the people who grow my food
here in the mountains of NC and that's all that's important to me. Having
some government agency tell me anything about this relationship is wasted
effort because I simply don't listen. We have the power to decide for
ourselves and will create the necessary imprimaturs. Does anyone actually
believe that the people in Washington know what they doing?  Obviously the
consumer education which brought value to the label "organic" will
continue moving forward to bring forth new terms.  If someone or group of
conscience had trademarked the label "organic" then the government would
have not so easily taken it.  We keep learning.

John Buckley
Waynesville, NC

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