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>Hi, Folks!

> > How do you know when it is ready, Pam?

I go with 40% green leaves.  Also, if the leaves are held out from the 
plant along with the browning, it's probably time for the garlic to come 
up.  Green leaves equal wrappers, so if you want long storage garlic, it's 
better to be a tad early than late.  Since most of my garlic is for seed 
stock, I go with tight wrappers.

> > Do you remove the mulch in the spring, or let it stay on?

I add straw and bagged leaves if the garlic keep growing in the winter.  If 
there is piles and piles in the spring, I fluff the beds to make sure the 
garlic can get through and toss some of the mulch if there is too much.  If 
not, I let it stay.  I did not have to water the garlic this season, so I 
must have had my mulch layer right.  (Now, if only we could get some rain 
so I wouldn't have to water everything ELSE still growing in the garden! ;-))

I started harvesting on June 27th and just finished on July 14 -- rather 
early for me so I feel better seeing the VA folks were harvesting in 
May.  I've noticed my garlic gets earlier and earlier -- global warming?

Dorene Pasekoff, Coordinator
St. John's United Church of Christ Organic Community Garden

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St. John's United Church of Christ, 315 Gay Street, Phoenixville, PA  19460 
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