What are you planting now?

pam at twinoaks.org pam at twinoaks.org
Thu Jul 18 22:57:40 EDT 2002

What aren't we planting! We're in central Virginia, zone 6b, first 
frost could be October 14th-20th. We're just about to plant our 7th 
and last sweet corn patch. We just planted our 5th of 7 plantings of 
cucumber, yellow squash and zucchini, and our 5th of 6 plantings of 
bush beans. I reckon it's OK here to plant beans and corn up until 
August 1st. 
We plant out 100 lettuce a week. We just planted a few broccoli, 
many more to follow in the next week or so. Also cabbage (regular, 
red and storage types as well as savoys), cauliflowers, Napa type 
Chinese cabbage, Pak Choy, Mizuna, Tat Soi, Giant Red Mustard. 
We're about to sow radishes, arugula, turnips, rutabagas. We just 
sowed a bed of carrots, and at the beginning of August we'll do a 
big carrot planting (Danvers 126 and Bolero) for winter storage. 
We just belatedly finished transplanting leeks, a task I usually hope 
to have done in mid-June. 
We'll have collards to plant out in a couple of weeks. And we'll be 
sowing beets then too, and thinking about kale. Another little task I 
do at the beginning of August is to sow a few cucmbers in pots to 
plant into the greenhouse later, for a late fall crop, growing up 
strings at the back of the beds.
	A funny thing happened last week: We'd run out of buckwheat 
and soybeans, our usual summer cover crops, so I suggested 
sowing a mixture of old vegetable seeds instead. It makes havoc 
of crop rotations, but still.... A large percentage of the seeds was 
spinach, because I overbought a few years ago, after resowing in 
late summer several times the year before, and running out of 
seed. Well, you couldn't get spinach to germinate here in July if 
you tried - but that's what came up! We had a sudden cool spell, 
and some rain, and now we have two beds of broadcast spinach 
This year, prompted by reminders here, I'm going to plant winter-
hardy scallions in the fall.
Pam DAwling, Twin Oaks Community, Louisa, Virginia

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