curing time for garlic

pam at pam at
Thu Jul 18 22:27:01 EDT 2002

> My first year with garlic. I dug it up and hung to cure
> about 2 1/2 weeks ago. How can I tell if it is ready?  I am
> located in Southern Missouri.
2 1/2 weeks sounds like the right amount of time. Has it been 
humid? Did you have any fans going? When you snip off one at the 
neck, does the skin seem dry? When you then hold the neck 
between thumb and finger and roll it back and forth, is it dry and 
rustley, or slick and slippy? 
	And are you selling it right away, in which case it might not be 
so critical? or are you wanting to have it for long term storage?
More questions than answers, but I hope it helps!
Pam, Twin Oaks, Louisa, VA

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