Garlic and Onions

pam at pam at
Thu Jul 18 22:20:20 EDT 2002

 plant garlic the third week of
> >>>>>October,
> then roll out big round bales of reject hay over the top. We pull
> weeds out in April. <<<<<<
> Can onions be grown this way too?  Planted before winter and harvested
> next spring or summer?
We tried sowing onions (Buffalo) in late summer and planting out in 
late October. Then covering with rowcover for the winter. We had 
a lot of winter-kill (we're zone 6b), and lots of weeds. Now we sow 
in late Sept or early Oct, in a cold frame, and plant out in early 
spring. That works better for us. This year I'm going to try sowing in 
a bed and covering the seedlings with rowcover, then with a 
portable coldframe later (so that our main coldframes can be used 
for more salads).
Pam Dawling, Twin Oaks Community, Louisa, Virginia

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