Garlic and Onions

wiediger wiediger at
Thu Jul 18 09:02:34 EDT 2002

No problems bolting.  Yes, bare root transplanting - directly from soil in
tunnels to soil outside.  They don't need hardening off - the tunnels are
unheated, so they are already hardened off.  It works really well, and
doesn't "steal" much of our winter production space.

Paul and Alison Wiediger
Au Naturel Farm

> Have you had any greater problem with onions bolting to seed thinking they
> already had been through one season?
> You are seeding into greenhouse beds and bare root transplanting, right?
> How do you harden them off? We used to raise our leeks in cold frames that
> way and could lift off the 'lights' to harden them off. Then I burned a
> couple of crops through not venting in time and gave that up.
> David Inglis
> Mahaiwe Harvest C.S.A.

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