Organic Certification questions

Willie McKemie mckemie at
Thu Jul 18 07:30:21 EDT 2002

On Wed, Jul 17, 2002 at 11:46:57PM -0500, RDH wrote:
> Another way to help identify yourself is to subscribe to the American
> Homestead Foods Family Farm Project.  It is there to help family farmers
> regain their identity to the consumers.
That SEEMS like a good idea.  It also seems unlikely to reach critical 
mass and become known to consumers since there are few entries in the 
data base and the $30 fee is likely to keep the data base small.

I would suggest that they keep the fee small or zero until they do 
reach critical mass.  Since the cost of putting up such a website is 
only about $100/year, the fee is grossly high unless they plan to spend 
some money on verification and it seems that they do not.  Or maybe I 
did not read closely enough?

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