Garlic and Onions

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Thu Jul 18 07:59:50 EDT 2002

Have you had any greater problem with onions bolting to seed thinking they
already had been through one season?
You are seeding into greenhouse beds and bare root transplanting, right?
How do you harden them off? We used to raise our leeks in cold frames that
way and could lift off the 'lights' to harden them off. Then I burned a
couple of crops through not venting in time and gave that up.
David Inglis
Mahaiwe Harvest C.S.A.

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> Don't know about planting that way, but we seed our onions in one of our
> unheated high tunnels in December, and have the best onion transplants we
> have ever seen by time to plant outside.  It even works for Walla
> Walla. It
> doesn't take much room to have a LOT of onion transplants and the
> quality is
> amazing.
> Paul and Alison Wiediger
> Au Naturel Farm

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