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> They are asking for records of
> what is planted in each bed and a paper trail from packing box to seed
> packet.

Don't make it too hard on yourself.  You probably already have some kind of a 
planting plan on paper somewhere.  Did you also keep last year's plan? 
Probably, so just get as many plan year's together as you can. The invoices 
for all your seed purchases are fine for supplier records.  Just use all the 
receipts that you would have to keep for your tax records.  The thing with 
certification is that you can not throw any paperwork away that shows what 
came onto your farm from an outside source.  
We keep a file where all paperwork is put- not each individual seed packet- 
but large bags(50 lb) of seed have a wealth of info on them so we file just 
the label.  If you buy in anything and are not sure of it's contents or 
source, I would check with your certifier before getting it.  Make sure you 
have a current copy of approved farm inputs- that makes life easier, too.  
Most farmers carry around a notepad in their back pocket- make notes in it 
and date it- this can become your verification of what has occured on your 
Shouldn't be too hard, use what you already have in place.
Barb Birkinbine
Oak Camp Herb Farm
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