Organic Certification questions

Alex McGregor waldenfarm at
Wed Jul 17 11:38:54 EDT 2002

One of many reasons why I haven't recertified.

I've been selling my produce direct at markets and on farm this year as
"Ethically Grown", with only limited sales to a "health food supermarket" which
specializes in "organic" produce.  It took some talking, but I convinced them
that I'd been around long enough that lots of people knew my name and the farm
name.  They sell my high dollar stuff with the farm logo and the phrase, "Alex
McGregor, Grower."  I printed them sheets with this on it to go on their price

As Allison says, we're back in the education business, folks.  Perhaps we should
develop regional or state orgs. as we did for certification to pool our time and
resources to get the word out about how we are different from "organic."  Here's
a group that has been doing such for awhile:

Now, all of you, get back to work!  ;>)

Alex McGregor
Walden Farm

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