Organic Certification questions

Chris Sawyer css at
Wed Jul 17 08:54:54 EDT 2002

Has anyone been certified this year under the new standards?

We are going to be inspected tomorrow. They are asking for records of
what is planted in each bed and a paper trail from packing box to seed
packet. We grow three hundred varieties of seed most years and have two
hundred beds or more. Short of carrying a lap top in the field I can see
no way a small truck farm can comply with these requirements. It would
take a non productive employee full time just to manage record keeping
for this system. If this is how it is gonna be, I cannot see my way to
continue certification. (We sell 30K to the wholesale market, and it is
required.) My other option is more monoculture and less market farming.

I am interested in hearing what others are doing about this situation.
Are other certifies more lax than mine? (Clemson, SC) Is there a simple
system for doing this record keeping you have found? I am in Asheville


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