garlic question

Chris Sawyer css at
Wed Jul 17 08:47:53 EDT 2002

We always just leave the mulch. Last winter I never got around to
mulching, and only applied it in the spring to keep the weeds in check.
We plant two rows to the bed, use tractor to cultivate in-between the
beds, drip irrigation. The garlic needs to have the scapes cut off when
they appear to make the bulbs form. It is ready to harvest when 2/3 of
the tops turn brown. I used my plastic mulch lifter to undercut it
making it ever so much easier to pull. Dying it has been our problem. We
harvested in great sunny weather, but now we are into the rain every
evening and very humid conditions. I spread it in my hoop houses on
straw under the tomatoes. Onions and garlic dry/cure well this way.


Allan Balliett wrote:

> >We harvested at the
> >end of May this year. That was early - it's usually ready in early
> >June.
> How do you know when it is ready, Pam?
> Do you remove the mulch in the spring, or let it stay on?
> Thanks
> -Allan
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