market-farming digest: July 16, 2002

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Wed Jul 17 07:56:15 EDT 2002

We have used seaweed - (kelp) which we put through a chipper first as a
mulch (about 4") on our garlic and had an excellent harvest + the seaweed
breaks down well and feeds the soil. The downside is that it breaks down
before the garlic is ready so the last couple of months you will have to
weed - or maybe put on a thicker mulch? Of course you also have to be lucky
enough to live close to the sea as we do...

Linda Kerr

> Subject: Re: garlic question
> From: Allan Balliett <igg at>
> Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 02:04:59 -0400
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> >Does anyone use plastic mulch for garlic?  I have used straw in the past,
> >pulling it off in March and then cultivating several times.  I thought
> >planting on 6 inch to 8 inch squares on a 24 inch wide raised bed covered
> >with black plastic.  Will I have a problem with heaving?  Last November
> >was very dry when we planted and that was the only time I have ever
> >garlic.  Is there a problem with  water (t-tape) under the plastic with
> >garlic?   Thanks for your advice and experiences.
> >
> >Ben in Maryland

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