garlic question

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Tue Jul 16 22:02:56 EDT 2002

	Here in central Virginia, we plant garlic the third week of 
October, then roll out big round bales of reject hay over the top. 
We pull weeds out in April.  We keep the mulch on until the scapes 
form, which seems to be about three weeks before we need to 
harvest, then we scrape off the mulch (onto the cabbage, broccoli 
or beans next patch over). We got good sized garlic, and a 7:1 
yield this year, which seems respectable for hard-necked garlic. 
We used sprinklers for irrigation in the spring. We harvested at the 
end of May this year. That was early - it's usually ready in early 
Pam Dawling
Twin Oaks Community
Louisa, Virginia

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