What are you planting now?

cross-r-ranch at juno.com cross-r-ranch at juno.com
Tue Jul 16 18:30:13 EDT 2002

Woops, sorry, Allan and gang - forgot to mention that I live in Mt.
Morris MI - basically, go to Detroit, look a bit north to Flint, and I'm
in the teeny town (one square mile) just north of Flint.  We are supposed
to have a short growing season here, from about mid May for last frost
through to mid October.  However, because my area is in a large, deep
valley (called the Genesee Valley area), most of the nasty weather goes
right around us, so we end up with a longer growing season by up to 8
wks, depending on how heavy the winter snow gets.  I can start to plant
out cold-hardy stuff as early as April 1st, and often have stuff growing,
green and producing welll into mid-November.  The last few years, I've
actually had to pull up tomatoes and peppers to get them to quit blooming
and setting fruit - at THANKSGIVING.  Sheesh.  Talk about fresh
late-season tomatoes, lol.

Heather R
cross-r-ranch at juno.com
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