someone mention tomato leaves curling?

Allan Balliett igg at
Tue Jul 16 02:07:53 EDT 2002

>Often when tomato leaves curl it means they have been watered
>inequitably - i.e., half-an-inch one week, none the next, 1" the next,
>none for the next two, etc.
>I recall it also can mean a calcium deficiency - tho' this is more often
>the case w/ blossom end-rot.
>Allan - your thots?

Leaves also curl as a result of any 'shock.' One common shock is 
running well water (55degrees) to their roots via drip  when the 
plants themselves are in 90 degree heat.

That's how I curled a bunch of my leaves. ;-)

 From all the books I've checked, leaf curl (of this sort) does not 
affect yield.


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