What are you planting now?

Aufdenkampe Family Farm ddovala at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 15 17:55:42 EDT 2002

 In Ohio (zone 6-right near lake erie) we just finished- our 6th planting of sweet corn and green, yellow and half-runner beans.
-our 4th planting of beets, lettuce, dill (shaded and drip irrigation started right after planting.
-we will be transplanting cabbage and cauliflower in the next week.
-we will be seeding summer squash, cucumbers and pickling cucumbers into black plastic mulch as soon as it gets laid down...waiting for some rain first though, don't know if that will ever happen again around here this year!
-it will be about a month before we start fall turnips, radishes, lettuce, swiss chard, beets, and another planting of sweet corn and beans and whatever I'm not thinking of.
Our motto is to always gamble a bit, hate to not have anything to pick and the frost hasn't hit us.
How is the weather for everyone? After a cold, very wet Spring it hasn't rained here to speak of in months. We have the full farm on drip irrigation, started pulling it into the beans and sweet corn today, so we don't waste anymore water with overhead sprinklers. It's looking like last year all over again- draught! We saw the bottom of our 1 acre pond last year, I hope that doesn't happen this year.
Thanks for listening!
Sandy in Ohio

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