What are you planting now?

Willie McKemie mckemie at austinfarm.org
Mon Jul 15 08:18:39 EDT 2002

>             What are some of the things you're planting this time of
> year?

Central Texas: not much.  Southern peas.  Could be planting cantaloupe 
and watermelon.  It is about time for gamblers to start planting Fall 
tomatoes; our temperatures allow us to set tomatoes perhaps sometime in 
September and they get frozen in late October or early November.  If we 
don't get a freeze until late November or December, then we might make 

Soon, late August and September, it will be time to try Spring crops 
again: squash, green beans, greens, etc.  For those that still have 
some energy left.  Okra continues.

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