Food processing

Allan Balliett igg at
Mon Jul 15 06:59:32 EDT 2002

>Also - check out this site:  That will give you a
>start on the regs.  Your local health dept. should not have to be
>involved here...

Robert - When I was in Jefferson Co, WV, my local health department 
was concerned about anything that involved food that was being sold. 
One time we advertised a fundraiser for the children's school on the 
property and mentioned that refreshments would be available. Although 
we had a county-certified kitchen, A county health inspector first 
called us and then came and inspected our site. (The upshot was that 
we could only 'sell' refreshments within x-number of feet of our 
kitchen door.)

More recently, the health department has told one of my commercial 
egg accounts that they cannot sell my eggs (restaurant) because they 
are not 'inspected.' While I think this inspector is in error, I have 
not had the time to pursue the validity of this statement. The same 
restaurantuer was told that in the future off-the-farm produce would 
have to be inspected before it can be sold through a restaurant.

One thing that has always concerned me is that extension in both 
Jefferson Co, WV and my current county in VA made any effort to stay 
abreast of health laws affecting small scale off-farm sales. In fact, 
they have been irritated by questions like 'How do I get my eggs 
inspected?' Instead of getting answers - or, heaven forbid, mentoring 
- I get routed to unknown persons at unknown offices that may oversee 
such matters.

You're right on the jams, I'm sure, because we have had people 
selling jams and jellies at the farmers market without health 
department intervention.


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