Food processing

gutierrez-lagatta gutierrez-lagatta at
Mon Jul 15 04:51:42 EDT 2002

At a minimum, there are local, state and federal regulations which
control food processing operations.  Start with your county health
department and they will steer you as far as the local and state
regulations for a certified food processing operation.  The local
county would do the actual inspection of the facility.  The state has
its own requirements, which I assume are covered by the county
inspection.  At the federal level you will get information abot
labelling, etc.  There are certain waivers depending on size.  In some
states, small operations and direct farm sales are exempt from a lot
of the regulations, in others not.
> We have friends who want to make jams and jellies and sell them to
> our CSA subscribers  (outside of the CSA subscription).  Are their
> federal rules and regulations for this  (ie a commercial, inspected
> kitchen).  Or are these a state responsibility?  The jams and
> would be made in Virginia and sold in either Virginia or DC.


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