Thinning Radishes

Marienne Kreitlow marienne at
Sun Jul 14 08:32:49 EDT 2002

Allan quoted my original message:

>>Here, no matter how they're thinned, they're elongated.  Still
>>taste as good (we eat all these ourselves), just different shape, so
>>it doesn't
>>bother me.  Just curious.

and then added:

>Help me here, folks: isn't a failure to 'globe' indicative of a
phosphorous deficiency. An application of good bone meal, about 1cup
per 10 row ft will (or so I have read) plump them up?

>I'm hoping to hear of the direct experiences of other growers.

And I reply:
That could very well be, Allan.  I'll get the soil tested and find out.  If I
were selling these, I'd certainly want them to look more like the store bought
radishes.  But perhaps, if there is a ph deficiency, it's the culprit in a couple
of other problems, like brocolli and cauliflower that just didn't work.

These radishes are for our own table, and they taste great.  All looks the same
sliced up in a salad!

Jerry Ford
Hei-Low Farm

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