Prunin' maters

Tom Anslow limerock at
Fri Jul 12 07:00:41 EDT 2002

Thanks much!


> Prune all of them from the ground up to the one just below the first
> truss. Leave that one. You're done then. Don't prune any flower trusses.
> Bill Shoemaker
> Sr Research Specialist, Food Crops
> Univ of Illinois - St Charles Hort Research Center
> >Hello  --  I realize it is a bit late for these questions, but here goes.
> >When pruning/suckering maters, just which truss is the last one you pull?
> >Does it make any difference between varieties?
> >We grow (Brandywine, Hillbilly, Pinks, German Stripe, Mr. Stripey, Better
> >Boy, Early Girl, Sweet 100's, Yellow Pear, Mountain Pride & Gold) on
> plastic
> >and stake/weave the plants.
> >Thanks for any input.
> >
> >Tom Anslow
> >Limerock Orchards and Roadside Market

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