20% Vinegar Herbicide

Marienne Kreitlow marienne at marienne.com
Wed Jul 10 14:37:25 EDT 2002

I've tried 20% vinegar as a spray herbicide now, and am impressed.  Given more or less direct sunlight for a while, plants I sprayed died completely, including poison ivy.  I used a tbsp. of molasses and dishsoap per gallon.

Here's my question:  Does anyone have a source for less than the $14.00 I paid per gallon?  I bought from Marshall Grain Co. in Ft. Worth, TX.

I know I can get a break on that with the 50-gal drum, but that's more than I'll use in a season - which brings me to my second question:

Since it would have to store in the shed over winter, how would freezing effect it?  If I thought there wasn't a problem I'd go ahead and get the barrel.


Jerry Ford
Hei-low Farm
Howard Lake, MN

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