keeping greens fresh

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Wed Jul 10 07:43:54 EDT 2002

Requarding the question on keeping greens fresh I agree with the other poster
water is the key.  I treat mine including lettuce like flowers in a vase I
keep all the ends in water. I even keep beets and carrots in a bucket that
also washes them a bit.  I realize you wish to harvest and store then deliver.
 I think you might have to experiment with placing them in water to cool and
hydrate then remove place in plastic (garbage bags work)place in cooler and
get ready for delivery.  While experimenting include instructions that go to
your customer.  Most lettuce and greens such a swiss chard can be refreshed. 
Fill sink with cold water, let greens or lettuce sit for 15 min. remove and
dry very well place in plastic and put in refridge.

All my CSA members pick up on farm.  I pick most of my produce hours/min.
before they get there so the "vase" methods works well for us.


ps Allan why week 9?  Why not week 20 :)?  Can I offer any words of
incouragement as someone also on week 5, year 5 :)  Beth

I guess it's helpful to know if you need them green for delivery or 

for people picking up at the farm. ;-)


( Now in his CSA's fifth week and wishing it was the 9th week of 20 weeks!! )

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