Keeping greens looking good

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Wed Jul 10 07:23:05 EDT 2002

We keep our greens looking good by picking them before the sun hits first 
thing in the morning. We follow by immediately washing them in cold well 
water. We then store the mix in vented plastic bushel lugs which we cover 
with wet burlap that has been soaked in cold water. This burlap trick works 
well, it allows for evaporative cooling throughout the day, and if you have a 
walk in cooler or a refridgerator it keeps the greens from drying out. We 
keep our greens this way for our CSA until 6:00 in the evening and learned 
the burlap trick on another large CSA we worked where we were able to provide 
fresh greens for 550 members without any refridgeration. You may have to 
tweak the system since your green have to bagged for delivery, but maybe you 
could leave the tops of the bags open and cover. Hope this helps you some.
       John at Charlestown Cooperative Farm

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