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After you get it out of the combine, wait for a breezy day.  Then take your
container of wheat and pour it back and forth into another container a few
time.  This will let all the chaff blow out since it will blow away, but the
wheat is heavier and will just fall into your bucket.  I forgot what my Mom
and Grandma called that particular process.  Then pour out a pile on your
table top (it helps if you have a light background or tablecloth - we used a
piece of white Formica) and sort through it like  you would dry beans.  Put
your hand into the pile and pull out handful or so and spread it thin so you
can easily see any foreign objects, like other seeds, rocks and dirt,  then
pull the wheat towards  you off the table into a container you can sit on
your lap.  The process goes pretty fast but you sure don't want any little
stones going through your grinder.
If you're storing any for future use you'll want to make sure you have an
airtight container to keep the optimal moisture level and  also keep the
bugs out.
Have fun grinding and baking!
Marcy Nameth
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> > Joan, I'll bet you know - does one have to do anything to wheat to
> > prepare it for grinding into flour?  Or can I just get some out of the
> > combine and put it in the grinder?
>     Oops - forgot this part - as long as its dry I don't know why you
> grind your wheat from the combine.  when we buy wheat berries that's all
> they are is dry wheat - I'd make sure they are free of debris and grind
> - it takes a long time if you're doing it by hand!
> joan
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