Cut Flower Discussion list?

A Balliett igg at
Mon Jul 8 10:44:40 EDT 2002

Thanks for the pointers, Janet. They are all good ones.

What I'm really looking for is 'someone' who can answer questions for 
me. Very basic questions from a many who is (probably) frightened.


>Growing for Market always has good articles on growing cut flowers.
>Also, ATTRA has a publication Sustainable Cut Flower Production, and
>another soon to be available called Woody Ornamentals for Cut Flower
>Growers that can be obtained free of charge by calling 800-346-9140 or
>look for the first on our website <>.  I highly recommend
>Lynn Byzynski's boo The Flower Farmer.  She is the publisher of Growing
>for Market and you can find the book at <>.

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