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Janet Bachmann janetb at ncatark.uark.edu
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Are you familiar with the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers? 
Website <www.ascfg.org>.  The ASCFG hosts a national conference
annually, and also a number of regional meetings.  It has a bulletin
board for questions and answers, but it is available to members only.  A
great organization!

gutierrez-lagatta wrote:
> Allan,
> The Ohio Short Course is this month in Columbus...they probably have
> at least one course which would be useful. Check it out at
>  It is coordinated by the Ohio
> Florists Association but has become one of the main trade shows for
> greenhouse growers of all kinds.
> > I'm wondering if anyone knows of a 'cottage garden' -level cut
> flower
> > discussion group or other source of info on working with flowers.
> Adriana
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