Organic fly control

velta Mack velta at
Sun Jul 7 23:05:17 EDT 2002

> Does anbody have a source of organic fly control for a small herd of =
> beef cows? Any ideas would be appreciated.
As has been suggested -- poultry - they do a great job of cutting down on
the fly population.  My back-up fly control is fly traps.  I make my own
using large plastic jars that peanut butter and nuts come in - probably
about 1/2 gallon size - with plastic lids.  I drill several 1/4" holes in
the lid and one on each side of the jar.  I thread twine through the holes
in the jar and knot the ends for a hanger.  Then I put some meat or fish in
the jar, fill it about 1/3 full of water, put the lid on and hang it in or
near the barn.  Right now I have about 6 of them around my barn and am
planning on starting some more this week.  As soon as the meat starts
smelling, the flies start committing suicide.  I move the traps around until
I find the fly fly-ways (if it isn't catching flies, I move it) and then
watch them fill up, shaking them once in awhile.  When they get full, I bury
the fly mess and start over.  Someone on another list suggested a raw egg
mixed with cheap beer in the trap, but so far, this hasn't worked for me.
Maybe my flies don't like cheap beer.

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