organic corn & grains in VA,MD

Lucy Goodman goodows at
Sun Jul 7 17:12:36 EDT 2002

Have you looked at the Local harvest website? They have a big data base
of local growers all over the US.

BTW Amish are not usually organic. Most do use ag. chemicals despite not
using tractors and having otherwise sound growing practices.

Grow19 at wrote:
> Hi Friends,
> A friend & I in Washington DC, buying locally-grown food, haven't yet found
> regionally--grown/processed organic wheat flour, barley, corn meal, and
> grits.  Any sources or ideas on how to find these within a reasonable
> distance of the city, ie from farmers in VA, MD, or close-in Pennsylvania?
> Thanks!
> Judy Tiger
> (admirer of this list and community/youth garden organizer in DC)
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