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Lucy Goodman goodows at
Sun Jul 7 17:06:32 EDT 2002

We have been spraying Surround wp on squashes and melons for about 4
weeks. the first week we saw no damage but as things went on damage
started occurring. This could be because we started the spray program
before the rains ended and the surround kept washing off and than we
could not spray again for 3 to 5 days because of continuing rains.

Now the squash bugs are happily laying eggs on the undersides of leaves
(where we are not spraying) and the cuke beetles have infected about
half the cantaloupe plants with wilt so those plants have been destroyed.

Today we went out with the chipper shredder which has a vacuum and
sucked up several thousand cuke beetles, put on row covers and nuked
everything under cover with rotenone. We will do this again tomorrow and
the next day until we see an impact on the cuke beetle situation. We do
not like to use rotenone because it is dangerous (we use lots of
protection when applying) and does not discriminate but there are times
that it comes in handy and after trying to deal with the cuke beetles
for the past 5 years using gentler methods and losing crops we have gone
to this.

I am thinking if you get the Surround on and can keep it on it may well
work but if it comes off than the bugs get on the plants and stay there
despite further applications. Remember to reapply to new growth daily.
Our melon plants are all white except where the new growth is.

Lucy Goodman-Owsley
Boulder Belt Organics
New Paris, OH

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