market scales

Marie Kamphefner kampy at
Sun Jul 7 16:09:34 EDT 2002

Hi Joan,

There are lots of scales listed on eBay.  You might check that out.

I'm pretty sure I have the same scales advertised in Growing for Market
- got them before they raised the price.  There were a bunch of us on
the list that got them.  That's still a good price for what you get
though.   They can be plugged into an outlet or battery operated (the
Amish around here use them) and they do calculate, which is really handy
when you're swamped with customers.  You can put your container on the
scales and zero it out.  I think mine is a 15 pound limit.  I weighed
fudge at Christmas time and weigh tomatoes and peppers etc in the
summer.  I also use them in the bakery for weighing ingredients.  The
state guy comes and checks them once a year and puts on a sticker that
they're legal for trade.  At one time I did a lot of research on scales
prices.  I thought I wanted a hanging scale but I'm sure the one I have
is the best.  If you order one through the company that advertises in
Growing for Market, ask them to send a copy of the manual with the

Joan, I'll bet you know - does one have to do anything to wheat to
prepare it for grinding into flour?  Or can I just get some out of the
combine and put it in the grinder?

Marie in Missouri (the desert)


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