organic fly control

john talley jntalley1 at
Sun Jul 7 00:37:15 EDT 2002

  what we have done on our llama farm is to take milk jugs, drill 1/4"
holes in upper half and put fish heads, fat of meat, any garbage that
will really stink inside, add water, cap and hang no more than 4feet from
ground.  Do as many as you choose.  This attracts the flies and traps
them.  There is also an insect called fly predators.  They eat the larvae
of the fly, but have to be replace each week to 10 days and gets
expensive.  Good Luck,
Nancy Talley
Bright Stars Farm
Whiteland, IN

On Sat, 6 Jul 2002 19:27:15 -0500 "Joseph Stuchlak " <joeda at>
Does anbody have a source of organic fly control for a small herd of beef
cows? Any ideas would be appreciated.
                                Thank you,
                              Joe Stuchlak
                             Rustic Acres
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Nancy Talley
Bright Stars Farm
Whiteland, IN
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