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William McKay bmckay55 at
Sat Jul 6 07:23:07 EDT 2002

I am not sure this is appropriate for this list, but if it is not, I guess 
someone will tell me.

I distribute Italian vegetable seeds(to retail outlets in the Northeast and 
mailorder throughout North America).  One of my customers(a mail order 
garden customer) is the new product manager for a company in california that 
packages salad mixes [I get the impression they do high end salads].  They 
contract with a bunch of local growers.  They are interested in someone who 
either grows Italian varieties or is willing to grow them.

So, if someone grows in California and is interested in talking to her, drop 
me a note and I will forward her original message.  If someone does connect 
and needs more information on various Italian greens, I will be glad to 
provide it and work with you regarding what is more likely than not to work 
in your particular growing climate.

If you are interested, do not respond to the hotmail address;  I get so much 
junk mail with it that almost everything but a few items I have earmarked go 
straight to the junk mail folder.  Drop me a note at bmckay at  
   or bmckay at


Bill McKay in E. Massachusetts  and    Distributor of 
Italian Vegetable Seeds from Franchi Sementi, spa, Bergamo, Italy.  Seedsmen 
since 1783.

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